A Brief History

I grew up in Trenton, Missouri, a sleepy little town in North Central Missouri, during the 1970s and 80s. I was never much into sports, but rather, was drawn to art, and sold my first piece when I was 12 (a vintage car I drew at a local car show). From the moment I made that first $20, I was hooked. 

I left Trenton in 1990 for Kansas City, where I studied graphic design and began working as an illustrator for JCPenney, followed by nine years as a graphic designer for American Century Investments. During that time, I also began to grow a freelance business under the name FIVE POINTS CREATIVE STUDIO. There's a unique intersection in the old Trenton uptown where five streets intersect at the flag pole, called Five Points.  

I eventually left American Century and worked strictly freelance for a few years, before accepting a graphic design position at a real estate marketing company, followed by a national community magazine publisher. Five Points Creative Studio was set aside during those years. 

In 2014, I ventured out on my own again but just under my own name, and have grown the business to support dozens of clients all over the country.  

In August 2018, I purchased a building at Five Points in Trenton, and have re-established the studio in its rightful place, under the name that pays homage to my hometown — FIVE POINTS CREATIVE STUDIO.

If you find that you need graphic design or marketing solutions for your business, or event, let me know!